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Electrical Home Appliances


Electrical Home Appliances

Electrical home appliances are devices that run on electricity and are designed to perform specific tasks in the home. They are designed to make life easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. Examples of common electrical home appliances include:

  1. Refrigerators – used for food storage and preservation
  2. Washing machines – used for laundry
  3. Dishwashers – used for washing dishes
  4. Ovens and cooktops – used for cooking food
  5. Microwaves – used for quick heating or cooking of food
  6. Air conditioners – used for cooling indoor spaces
  7. Heaters – used for heating indoor spaces
  8. Fans – used for circulating air
  9. Irons – used for ironing clothes
  10. Vacuum cleaners – used for cleaning floors and carpets

These appliances are typically powered by electricity and are designed to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. They are an essential part of modern living, and many of us rely on them every day.

What are different tests for Electrical Home Appliances?

Tests for Electrical Home Appliances

Tests for electrical home appliances are performed to ensure that the appliances are safe to use, meet regulatory requirements, and function properly. Here are some common tests for electrical home appliances:

  1. Electrical safety testing: This test evaluates the appliance’s electrical safety, ensuring that it meets regulatory requirements and is safe to use. The test involves checking the grounding, insulation resistance, and other electrical safety features of the appliance.

  2. Performance testing: This test evaluates the appliance’s ability to perform its intended functions and meet specific performance criteria. For example, a refrigerator’s ability to maintain a specific temperature or a vacuum cleaner’s suction power may be tested.

  3. Energy efficiency testing: This test evaluates the appliance’s energy consumption and efficiency. For example, the amount of electricity used by a washing machine in a standard cycle may be measured to determine its energy efficiency rating.

  4. Durability testing: This test evaluates the appliance’s ability to withstand wear and tear from regular use. For example, a washing machine’s drum may be subjected to a certain number of cycles to test its durability.

  5. Temperature testing: This test evaluates the appliance’s ability to maintain a specific temperature range. For example, a toaster oven’s ability to maintain a specific temperature may be tested.

  6. Noise testing: This test evaluates the appliance’s noise level during operation. For example, a dishwasher’s noise level during a typical cycle may be measured.

  7. Environmental testing: This test evaluates the appliance’s ability to operate under various environmental conditions. For example, a refrigerator may be tested for its ability to operate in high humidity or extreme temperatures.

These tests are designed to ensure that electrical home appliances are safe, durable, and functional, providing reliable and efficient operation for consumers.

Testing Facilities with us Include

Below are the products we currently deal in:
S. No Products IS/IEC Standards
1 Household  Electrical Appliances IS-302-1/IEC-60335–1
2 Electrical Shavers, Hair Clipper and Similar Appliances IS 302-2-8/IEC 60335-2-8
3 Frying Pans, Deep Fat Fryers and Similar Appliances IS 302-2-13/IEC 60335-2-13
4 Electric Kitchen Machines

IS 302-2-14 / IEC 60335-2-14

5 Stationary Storage Electric Water Heater IS 302-2-21/IEC 60335-2-21
6 Appliances for Skin or Hair Care IS 302-2-23 /IEC 60335-2-23
7 Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters

IS 302-2-35/IEC 60335-2-35

8 Electric Immersion Water Heaters IS 302-2-201/IEC 60335-2-74
9 Specification for Domestic Electric Food Mixers (Liquidizers and Grinders) IS 4250
10 Method of Measurement for the power consumption of  Household electrical appliances IEC 62087


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