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Lighting and Accessories


Lighting and Accessories

Conformity Testing Labs has well established testing facilities for Lighting including LED Luminaries. The facilities accredited to NABL & Recognised by Bureau of Indian Standards and Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India. The Laboratory has also contributed to testing of Market Samples under the Star Labelling Program. 

The laboratory has a C type Goniophotometer, Integrated Sphere, Life Racks and Safety and EMC Compliance Check Instruments for LED Lamps, LED Luminaries, LED Control Gears. The facilities are supplemented by Environmental Testing, Ingress Protection Testing and Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing facilities available with the lab

Conformity Testing Lab also provides IK and durability testing like Vibration etc.

Testing Facilities with us Include

S. NoProductsIS/IEC Standards
1Self-ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services – Performance RequirementsIS 16102 (Part 2) /  IEC 62612
2LED Luminaire – Performance RequirementsIS 16107 (Part 2/Sec 1) / IEC 62722-2-1
3D.C. Or A.C. Supplied Electronic Control Gear For Led Modules — Performance RequirementsIS 16104 / IEC 62384
4Self-ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services – Safety RequirementsIS 16102 (Part 1) /IEC 62560
5Self-ballasted LED Modules for General lighting Services – Safety RequirementsIS 16103 (Part 1) /IEC  62031
6Safety of Lamp Control Gears – d.c. or a.c. Supplied Electronic Control gear for LED ModulesIS 15885 (Part 2/Sec 13) / IEC 61347-2-13
7Luminaires: General Requirements and Tests:
Section 1: Fixed luminaires
Section 2: Recessed luminaires
Section 3: Luminaires for road and street lighting
Section 4: Portable general purpose l luminaires
Section 5: Floodlights
Section 6:Handlamps
Section 7: Lighting chains
Section 8: Emergency Lighting
Section 9:Rope Light
IS 10322(Part1)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 1)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 2)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 3)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 4)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 5)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 6)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 7)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 8)
IS 10322(Part 5/Section 9)
8Methods of Measurement of Lumen Maintenance of Solid State Light (LED) SourcesIS 16105 / LM80
9Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid State Lighting ProductsIS 16106/ IES LM 79
10Method for the Electrical and Photometric Measurement of General Service Incandescent Filament LampsIES LM-45
11Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Single-Based Fluorescent LampsIES LM-66
12Method for Photometry of Reflector Type LampsIES LM-20
13Photometric Testing Of Indoor Luminaries Using High Intensity Discharge Or Incandescent Filament LampsIES LM-46
14Method For Photometric Testing Of Indoor Fluorescent LuminairesIES LM-41



LAB 1:

WH-52, Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase-I, New Delhi-110064

+91-9999101371, 011-42154411,
011-28114400/ 28114411/ 28114422

A-33, Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase-I, New Delhi-110064

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