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Test Facilities

We cater to most of the major testing in our facilities.

Unique Test Facilities we offer

CTL is engaged in Safety Testing & Performance Testing in the fields of Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical, Photometry, IT, Medical & related areas. The test results of CTL are internationally accepted under provisions of the International Agreement signed by NABL.

Climate Test

At CTL, an extensive range of requirements for Climatic Testing can be met using our wide variety of environmental test chambers. We offer temperatures ranging from -40°C to +150°C for both endurance...

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EMI/EMC testing is done on products intended for residential, industrial, commercial or military use. The test verifies that the product performs its intended function in the electromagnetic environment. Regulatory compliance and...

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Goniophotometer Test

CTL has a state of the art C Type Goniophotometer to measure all photometry parameters like Total Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity Distribution, Luminous Efficacy, Color Characteristics required for performance testing...

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Integrated Sphere Test

At CTL, all photometry parameters like Total Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity Distribution, Luminous Efficacy, Color Characteristics can be tested in Integrated Sphere for performance testing of Lamp/Luminaries. This test is covered in LM 79,...

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Life Test of Lamps

CTL boasts of having high-end chambers to conduct Life test of Lamp/Luminaries. The Temperature of these chambers ranges from Ambient to 100˚C and the capacity is more than 60 jobs...

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Salt Spray Test

CTL can conduct Salt Spray Test to evaluate the coating on various products. It is covered under standards like IS 10322, IEC 60598, IS 9000, IS 302, QM 333 and...

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Surge and Impulse Test

CTL has Surge Test Facility upto 20 KV & Impulse Test Facility having different waveshapes like 1.2/50 µs , 10/700 µs etc. These tests are covered under the following Indian...

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Vibration Test

CTL takes pride in its Vibration Test machine . It is an expensive facility costing over 30 Lakhs. The Vibration Test is covered under different Indian and International standards, Some...

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LAB 1:

WH-52, Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase-I, New Delhi-110064

+91-9999101371, 011-42154411,
011-28114400/ 28114411/ 28114422

A-33, Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase-I, New Delhi-110064

+91-9999101371, 011-28116600,


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